Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wedding Nails

In keeping with the theme of posting pictures from months ago, I'm FINALLY posting pictures from Kristen's wedding.

Since my camera is janky beyond belief, I couldn't get a good picture of my nails to save my life. I wore an Ulta berry color with matte on top. It was very fall-ish. This picture shows how crayon-like my nails looked. I loved them!

Debbie wore gradient glitter gel nails. I can't remember if this is the OPI axxium gel or what. Doing posts on topics from months ago when you're pretty tired is a bad idea times 2, but work with me here.

Marjory's nails are such a pretty teal(?). I'd like to guess that they're American Apparel Malibu Green, but I'm not sure. Sidenote: I think the application of AA polish is a mess! The colors are kinda watery :-/

Silver Bells and Whatnot

Pardon my Christmas reference, but it just popped into my head. This manicure is actually from the late summer/early fall. See?? I told you I had lots of stuff saved up for when I had time to blog again- this is one of those things.

An-y-ways. Things I'll miss if I leave NYC: Duane Reade. I bought this polish from Duane Reade and I LOVE it. Their line of polish is called Prevail, and this color is Name in Lights. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to reapply it. It's a true metallic, and it reminds of me silver leaf. Plus the application was so smooth and delicious.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alana's Nails One

One of the best students in the universe is also the 4-and-1 mani queen. I don't think I've ever all 10 of her nails painted the same color. When we first met, she told me she knew we would get along because of my turquoise nails. Anyway... Alana has been kind enough to send me LOTS of pictures of her nails, and I decided to feature the different manicures at different times.

I decided to start with this one because when I opened the picture on my computer, I literally gasped! KNOW I'm a sucker for animal print...

Thanks, Alana!

I'm Baaaack!

I'm back. For real. I have so many pictures and post ideas it's not even funny. Since it's late and I'm exhausted, I'm going to start with the biggest news first. I finally- no, FINALLY- got a manicure to last a week. The past few manis have been going long and strong. I'm currently typing with a mani from last THURSDAY. The secret for me is getting my nails cut really short. I go to a new nail salon (buh-bye, Tanya), and they don't try to guilt me when I tell them to cut my nails down. The result is a long-lasting, pretty mani.

I was reuniting with a special someone last weekend, so I decided to wear the nail polish I wore on our first date- Ulta's Eye-Popping Poppy. I wanted to do something different, a first-date remix if you will, so I had the manicurist put a sparkly clear coat on my ring finger. The polishes are both red-orange, but I don't think it's showing up as well with my janky camera. These pictures were taken on day 8 of the manicure. Yes, the pointer finger on the right hand is chipped, but overall, it held up well.

I have lots of other stuff to post about (student nails, an orly plastics review, wedding nails), so keep checking back!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Child in the City

I don't know why I felt the need to give my post that title!

I bought white nail polish ages ago, and I had a few ideas for what to do with it. I wanted to wait until the summer because white with bright stuff on top just screams SUMMER to me. Then, I bought this cell phone case, and I instantly knew that I wanted something like that on my nails.

the cell phone case inspiration

There's a lot of dragging around my cuticles, but you can't really tell in real life. I was able to overlook that because the design is so cute.

The rhinestones were free! I didn't want rhinestones, just dots, but they gave me some for free.

This has been such a fun summer, and my pedicure is equally fun. That being said, I have to turn my computer over to the people at Geek Squad (issues with my motherboard). They'll have it for about 3 weeks, plus I'll be in Pittsburgh enjoying the last days of my summer break. I'll see you in September!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Non-Matching Nails

My pedicures last WAY longer than my manis, so I don't feel the need to update them as frequently. Also, I can't ever get the polish to look as nice on my toes as it does when I get a pedi. For this reason, I pick a pedi color that can go with a lot of other colors in my collection. When I say "go with", I mean it in the Stacy London/Clinton Kelly/What Not to Wear sense. Whole outfits don't need to be matchy-matchy, they just need to look nice together. It's the same thing with manis and pedis.

Two weeks ago, I polished my toenails a bright orange (Essie Bright Tights- I think... the sticker is gone) and my nails matched. After a few days, I removed the Essie from my nails and replaced it with Color Club Explosive. Both are pretty bright, but Explosive is more yellow-y. Still, I think they look great together.

I apologize for the picture of my feet. They really aren't that bad in person.

Last week, I got a mani and pedi with some random neon pink from the nail salon. The manicure eventually chipped, and that's when I got the bright idea to do the gumdrop mani from the previous post. The pedi color was a true neon hot pink, but it's not translating that well in the pics. The Orly color is more red-orange pink than true pink, but still. I liked them together.

I noticed my friend Di had light purple toenails and dark purple nails the other night. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gumdrop Nails

With this mani I decided to bust out the glitter. I don't know why- I guess I've been in a glittery mood. I was playing around with different colors and glitters on my nails before I made my final decision. Here's what it looked like.

Now, of course they look super raggedy, but that's because I didn't do a full-on mani yet.

The pink is Orly Passion Fruit.

I got it a long time ago on sale at Sally's for $2.99. The glitter is Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter (really creative name, right?)
In the bottle, it looks like a pink polish with silver, blue and multi glitter. If you look at the picture of it alone on my nail, you'll see it's sheer.

I did two coats of Orly and one coat of glitter on the left and two coats on the right. I decided to up the glitter factor AFTER I added matte to the left hand. That's why it only has one coat of glitter. Here's the finished product:

The shine around my nails is oil. I was a little messy with the application and my cuticles were dry so I put some vitamin E on them. I used matte polish, so they're not shiny. I tried desperately to get a nice picture with the matte finish, but it seemed like I kept getting one or the other. Here's a semi-decent picture of the matteness of it all.

This pic was taken before I cleaned up around my nails. I'll care a little bit more next time and clean them up before I take the pics!

Sidenote: I said this before, but I really need a new camera.

This mani is not built to last. Matte polishes last an average of a few days (at most) on anybody, so when this chips (and it already has) I won't feel so bad about myself. This is a fun mani and it might even be a bit much for a lot of people. The matte calms it down and it gives you an excuse to repolish your nails after two or three days!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sidenote Saturday: The ULTA-mate BSS

I love Ulta so very much! I always describe it as what it would be like if Sephora and a drugstore had a baby. You can buy brands like Too Faced, Stila and Philosophy along with Rimmel, Maybelline and Neutrogena. Ulta even has its own line of products, and their nail polish and bath products are fantastic.

But it doesn't stop there! Ulta carries a wide range of hair products and styling tools like flat irons and brushes. They even have a full-service salon inside. Ulta sells other random stuff, too, like perfume, razors and tooth-whitening systems. The place is huge.

pic courtesy of

Since Ulta isn't everywhere yet, let's talk about their website. It's the same as the store. You can sign up for their newsletter and get a ton of discounts, too. You can even get the Ulta mini-catalog (which I live for) every month or so.

The greatest thing about Ulta is that there's always a sale or promotion or something. Salon quality nail polishes like OPI and Essie are usually buy 2 get 1 free. Right now, Posche, CND, Orly, Seche, China Glaze and Essie are all buy 2 get 1! And that's just the beginning. There are currently 40+ promotions on their website on brands from John Frieda to Benetint, not including the stuff that's just on sale.

Ulta offers free shipping on orders over $50. So that's like if you buy 2 Smashbox products (right now, all of the primers are 20% off...), the shipping is free! Also, they always send free samples with your purchase. They're samples of good stuff, not just some useless crap. Right now, if you spend $25 online, you get 8 free samples and a cosmetics bag. Not bad.

You can visit for more information and for some serious shopping.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Manicure Mystery

Okay, so I'm confused. I got a manicure (and pedicure, whoop!) Friday, and the manicurist broke all of the "rules". She used the NailTek Foundation as a base coat (not a rules violation, I'm just saying). Then, she did 2 kinda thick coats and a top coat. I didn't take my polish with me since I randomly went after a trip to the gym, so I used a really cheap polish they had at the salon. I can't even remember the name of the brand, but I think it's called Dante. The manicure lasted on most of my nails until Tuesday/Wednesday!! That might not seem like a long time, but with my manicure history that's like a year. Two nails on my left hand are still fully covered. My pointers got destroyed Monday afternoon because I was unsticking tape from the floor.

I'm wondering what it is that I'm doing wrong/what she did right to keep that manicure going. I wonder if it's the fact that I held one hand in front of the fan while she worked on the other. Maybe that dries the polish enough to avoid the dreaded bubbles in the polish. I'm going to try it at home and see. I'll let you know.

I couldn't really take pictures because of my camera situation (I have some on my cell phone, but they're not good), so you'll have to take my word for it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Healthier Nails!

I don't know if its the jojoba/vitamin e combo OR the nail strengthener OR both or what, but my nails are starting to look semi-amazing! I have some pics of my nails with the oil on, and they make me drool. The ragged edges aren't the business, but still the smoothness is fantastic!

(I cropped this and saved it but it won't show up correctly)

I recently got a manicure and before she even put the base coat on, my nails were super smooth. I wanted to take a pic right then and there but A: I didn't have my camera because B: my camera battery was dead (I had to get a new charger from Amazon so that slowed me down). ALSO, my manicurist asked if I wanted my cuticles trimmed, then she looked and decided they didn't need it. What?! I was getting pro manis for the cuticle trimming alone, and now I don't even need it! It's the oils, I tell ya!

My new nail care routine has really helped my situation (that made me think of Diddy's ProActiv commercial)!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New additions to The Arsenal

If you've read any posts on this blog, I'm pretty sure you know that I have some problems with my nail polish (and even my nails) chipping and peeling like crazy. I was on the hunt for some products to help me with this issue.

I read about a base coat, CND Stickey, that's supposed to keep nail polish on for a reasonable amount of time.

(CND Stickey was $8.99 at Ricky's.)

Nail peeling can be caused by dryness. Using oils can supposedly give nails the nutrients that are removed when nails become dry. I read that the molecules in vitamin E are too big to penetrate the nail on their own, and that jojoba oil can't do vitamin E's job. Basically, you need to use them as a tag team (jojoba THEN vitamin E). I saw this bottle at Ricky's and decided I needed it. I have no idea what "14,000 I.U." means. Sorry.

I also purchased Ruby Kisses Nail Strengthener with garlic and vitamin E. There's really no reason behind it- I just thought it sounded good.

(Ruby Kisses Nail Strengthener was $1.99 at the local BSS)

Here's what I did: Thursday night, I filed my nails and tried my best to get rid of the ridges. I swiped jojoba oil on my nails. I waited a few minutes and wiped the excess off with cotton. Then, I applied the vitamin E, and left my nails alone for a while. Right before bed, I used the Ruby Kisses stuff. I should've taken pics because my nails looked SO nice at that point. The Ruby Kisses makes the nails smooth and shiny. Friday evening, I used CND as a base coat and polished my nails.

I'm still having problems with peeling. Someone (Stacie) mentioned something about humidity and peeling nails, so that could be it. We'll see.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Subscribe! (because I'm full of myself!)

I know people forget to check my blog, or blogs in general. I added a little widget-y thing on the right side of this page. You click the link, then a page loads with a whole bunch of stuff and a box on the upper right side. Click the link for subscribe via email (or something to that effect). Then, you'll get updates when I post. Enjoy!

I'm Back!

Sorry it's been so long- I spent all of my computer time working on my final portfolio for school (yay!) and googling questions like "Is my puppy depressed?" and "Does my puppy hate me?". Now that that's all over, I've returned to my online home. Hopefully, you still care!

A few weeks ago (what a disgusting shame), I posted about this gorgeous ULTA Professionals color. I was planning on doing a 4-and-1 with it. Instead, I decided to play around with some matte/gloss action.

I applied Matte About You and got the most delicious chalky mermaid look. Then, I polished just the tippy tips with Seche Vite- just like I would if I was doing a French mani. That's what I'm attempting to show with these sorry pictures. I took them at like 7am before work because I knew I was getting my puppy that afternoon and there would be no turning back. So, they are what they are.

I have some more pics and stuff, so I'm ready to go back to regular posting! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sneak Peek

Today, my doctor commented on my yellow nails and toes. She said "all yellow? Shouldn't one be, like, hot pink or something?" We laughed, but it made me cry a little bit inside. Look at how the 4-and-1 mani is viewed by society! Having that one oddball nail is the norm now! I was thinking of doing a 4-and-1 for a while, but that really inspired me. That, and the fact that I have like seven new greens and blues that look so cute together.

I was digging around in my blue/green/purple bin and I found this Ulta color that I bought in April. It's very mermaid-y and has an ocean feel. I know that one is gonna be involved in this somehow.

I dug around some more to find colors to look nice with it. Here's what I found.

The pointer finger is one of the new Bruccis and the pinkie and thumb are two old China Glazes. Both of the middle fingers are the Ulta polish. I'm gonna turn this into a 4-and-1, but I haven't worked out the details (and I'm so tired). I'll do it tonight or tomorrow and keep you posted!

I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl...

One day last week, I popped into Duane Reade to buy something that was probably unnecessary but seemed like a necessity at the time. Every time I go to a drugstore or BSS or anywhere that sells nail polish, I have to survey the goods. I'm weird, though. I do a speedwalk through the nail polish section- I can't really stand there and look because I'll end up making a purchase. Also, there hasn't been anything eye-catching in Duane Reade lately. Well... until the other day. I saw this Color Club green and I couldn't stop thinking about it! Since I was bad and broke my 40-sticker rule, I figured I might as well go all in and by it. That was the first purchase.

Today, I went to the doctor and had to get injections in my FACE! EEEK. It wasn't that bad, but I still deserve a treat. You see, every time I get poked with a needle (even if it's a finger prick) or any time I go to the gynecologist, I buy myself a treat. Sometimes it's ice cream, sometimes it's a Juicy necklace... whatever. Today I decided to get some polish. I looked in the BSS and spotted Essie Turquoise and Caicos- a color I've been lusting after- for $5.99! Then, I went to my nail salon and bought Essie Pretty Edgy. Unfortunately, I thought it was a brighter green- more along the lines of the Brucci I mentioned the other day. Fortunately, I already own a color similar to the Brucci I mentioned the other day, so that's that.

(L-R: Turquoise and Caicos, Pretty Edgy, Twiggie)

Twiggie is a little brighter than it's showing in the picture. It's almost like neon and mint had a baby.

These are the two Brucci polishes I posted about the other day. I wanted to take another picture of them because they didn't look that different in the other post. Here, you can see they're different.

Annie's Toes Part 2!

I don't know if it's because of the end of the school year or what, but we're kinda getting swept up into nail stuff! It's like a virus... a fun virus that makes you that much more beautiful!

Last week (or a few days ago, I don't know) Annie had little ladybug toes, and now they're little watermelons! Pretty soon she'll have a blog of her own where she has all types of crazy designs. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

Thanks again, Annie!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Can Disregard that "Stickers" Post...

Thursday, I went to the BSS (beauty supply store from now on) with my friend to get some nail polish remover. I walked to the Brucci display and could not resist these beauties! Then, I figured if I was going to be bad (remember, I was saving polish purchases for when I earned 40 stickers) I might as well go all the way. I saw this metallic gray LA Girl polish. I've never used LA Girl, but I've been wanting a nice metallic gray to use under the mattefier.
Gianna's Rockin' Blue

JT's Ocean Blue (I love how both polishes sound like they were named after cast members of The Jersey Shore)

Graphite- this picture doesn't really do much. I'll take another one when I swatch that color sometime very soon.

This picture made me laugh. There's a book in the background with the title RIGOR. I'm so rigorous, I'm taking pictures of nail polish bottles at work.

AN-Y-WAY, I was bad and bought polish and plan on buying more. I'm sure I'll find another way to trick myself into working out.

So that was Urge 1 (or perhaps it was an impulse...) I was in class thinking of how I wanted to wear this banana yellow color with the mattefier (I put the mattefier on my toes the other day and I love it so much on bright colors). I came home, and I remembered my China Glaze Yell-O-Neil. It's a really shimmery somewhat sheer yellow. I've been wanting to do matte on top of a glitter/shimmer for a while now, so this was my chance.

They look like shimmery yellow chalk. I love it!

This was a rush job, and I'll only wear it for like three days so it's just a fun thing I wanted to do. The great thing about having a lot of polish is that when you feel like wearing a certain color, you can!!

P.S. Yesterday, I went on the most fun/funnest field trip with kids from the video game club (TTG). After our trip, we just walked around Bushwick. The sun was setting and I could see the Manhattan skyline! I took pics :)

Sidenote Saturday: Swapping!

For some reason, the word "swap" sounds a little bit gross to me, but I'm using it anyway.

Last year, I had a big bottle of Juicy Couture perfume. I had it for a lonnng time and I was so sick of it. I went to ULTA (aka Heaven on Earth) and decided to fall in love with Viva La Juicy. I didn't want to spend the money on it, though. I text my friend telling her how much I loved it, and she told me she just got that same perfume as a gift... and HATED it!! She, however, LOVED Juicy Couture. YAY!

We traded (I was willing to give up my 3.4 oz bottle for her 1.7 ounces, but whatever) and I've been happy ever since!

My point: maybe there's something you want that your friend has and doesn't want anymore. It could be polish, a book, anything! One girl's trash is another girl's treasure.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Yeah... the "experiment"

Well.... what had happened was...

I planned on wearing the Brucci color from last week with a different top coat to see how long that mani lasted. Before it was time to redo the mani, I learned about "wrapping" my nails. I couldn't wait to try it.

I decided I would test wrapping as my experiment. HOWEVER, I rushed through the mani + it was >90 degrees in my apt so the polish was super thick so the application was all off. THEN, since I was rushing and the polish was like glop, it was getting all over my fingertips. When I tried to remove the polish, I ended up taking it off of the tip of the nail- ruining the actual "wrap" ::smacks forehead just thinking about it::.

Oh, what's wrapping? Well, its when you swipe a bit of polish along the tips of the nails. Think of your nails in three parts: front (the part you polish), back (the underside) and top (the part you scratch with). When you wrap, you do a thinnnnn layer of polish along the top then polish the nail.

I promise that at some point I'll really take my time, wrap my nails and see how long they last.

Annie's Toes!

My across-the-hall neighbor and buddy, Annie, is into nails just like me. I'm not sure if she's as into it as I am (not sure if that's possible at my job), but she likes it. We're both fans of so she might have been inspired by that. She did this cute design on her toes last weekend, and I had to get pics. She's such a good sport! Thanks, Annie!!

P.S.- she has a really cute design on them now, so I'm making her showcase her work on my blog!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sidenote Saturday: Homemade Soap

One pretty day in October, I was coming from Indian dance class with my friend and we ran into this little bazaar/farmer's market type thing. Very Brooklyn. Anyway, one of the vendors was Michelle - the creator of Lulu's Soap Co.

The table was covered with all types of scented chunks of soap. She had EVERY type of scent - really earthy ones that smelled like grass, super floral ones and even fun scents like Root Beer. All of the soaps were made by Michelle!

She also had special soaps made with brown sugar and some made with salt. I ended up choosing a fresh, ocean breeze-y soap with salt.

That soap made me feel SO clean. Unfortunately, a little too clean because it dried my skin like crazy! My skin gets dry in the winter so it wasn't my daily soap. I use it once a week, then follow up with a moisturizing body wash and I'm good to go.

I know it looks gross from the dried suds and whatnot, but look how much is left! I mean, obviously I don't use it every day but still. The bar I bought was $6 and was even bigger than this!

I wonder how long soap lasts. I mean, is this soap expired? Either way it smells really fresh so I could use it just for that.

I tried to find lulu's website, but it's gone. Her blog and myspace haven't been updated in a year so who knows where she is. I'll e-mail her and follow up!

The Results

So after four days of wear (and tear) this is what my manicure looks like. EEEK!

I will say that I tore a huge chunk of polish off of the ring finger on my left hand. There was a chip in the actual nail, and I started picking it and pulled the polish off. I'm sure it wouldn't look that terrible had I not done that.

My right hand always looks destroyed by the end of the week. No big surprise here.

I learned a new technique the other day for making sure the tips of the nails get covered with polish and it supposedly prevents chipping (of this magnitude). I tried it before, but this will be a new-and-improved way of doing it. We shall see.

I really don't want to wear this pink polish again (2 weeks of the same color is beyond boring) but I'm doing it for the sake of the blog :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First Experiment- Days 1-3

I decided I would test 2 top coats: Seche Vite, and another one I haven't decided yet. Monday I polished my nails with this pink Brucci polish- the name label is gone so let's just call it pink. I used a middle-of-the road polish because we all know that salon polishes last longer regardless of the top coat (I think...), and cheap polish tends to chip like (insert finger snap)that.

Instead of doing my nightly/ every-other-nightly application of Seche Vite, I only did ONE!

The polish:

It's more pink than purple, but my camera isn't really showing it that well. I took a picture with flash, and one without. Blend them together in your mind to get the full effect. Or don't and just take my word for it.

The manicure- Looking at the pictures, I'm noticing that the edges of my nails look lighter than the rest of the nail. Maybe I'm lifting the brush too soon?

Day two left hand

Day two right hand- I had a chip in the actual nail on my pointer finger, so I figured the polish wouldn't last long.

Day three right hand

Day three left hand

Notice the tip wear along the nails of each hand. I'm surprised I can get my manicures to even last this long and still look pretty decent. They used to chip like 5 hours after I left the salon. Seriously, my manicures would barely make it a full 24 hours so this is great!

ETA: Boy, do I need a new camera!! Ugh.