Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sidenote Saturday... well, Sunday: The Reward System

I have a pretty serious sticker collection. I originally bought all of these to bribe reward my high school students, but I like them so much, I tried to find a way to use them for myself.

I decided to put a sticker on my calendar for every day I go to the gym. If I workout on Monday, June 1, I put a sticker on that day. Okay, so you get it. Now here's the rewards system aspect: when I earn 40 stickers, I get to buy more polish. Until I earn 40 stickers, I cannot buy a single bottle of polish. I started this back in March-April and I've accumulated about 10 stickers (shaking my head at myself).

I've looked at polishes, and been verrrry tempted to purchase (OPI's new flutter collection was on sale at Ricky's....) but I've been good.

I cannot wait until I have 40 stickers- I'll be going crazy on!

Here are more pics of my sickening sticker collection:


Yes, $12.99 for 435 stickers. Luckily, the lady at Barclay's was nice and gave me a serious discount!

My favorites! I love the orange-yellow color ones.


  1. i had some difficulty posting a comment yesterday...trying that I know you love stickers, I have some to give you. and I think I am going to have to adopt your incentive method to curb my enthusiasm for polishes!

  2. I love that you keep getting ideas from my blog! I feel so good about myself :)