Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First Experiment- Days 1-3

I decided I would test 2 top coats: Seche Vite, and another one I haven't decided yet. Monday I polished my nails with this pink Brucci polish- the name label is gone so let's just call it pink. I used a middle-of-the road polish because we all know that salon polishes last longer regardless of the top coat (I think...), and cheap polish tends to chip like (insert finger snap)that.

Instead of doing my nightly/ every-other-nightly application of Seche Vite, I only did ONE!

The polish:

It's more pink than purple, but my camera isn't really showing it that well. I took a picture with flash, and one without. Blend them together in your mind to get the full effect. Or don't and just take my word for it.

The manicure- Looking at the pictures, I'm noticing that the edges of my nails look lighter than the rest of the nail. Maybe I'm lifting the brush too soon?

Day two left hand

Day two right hand- I had a chip in the actual nail on my pointer finger, so I figured the polish wouldn't last long.

Day three right hand

Day three left hand

Notice the tip wear along the nails of each hand. I'm surprised I can get my manicures to even last this long and still look pretty decent. They used to chip like 5 hours after I left the salon. Seriously, my manicures would barely make it a full 24 hours so this is great!

ETA: Boy, do I need a new camera!! Ugh.

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