Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl...

One day last week, I popped into Duane Reade to buy something that was probably unnecessary but seemed like a necessity at the time. Every time I go to a drugstore or BSS or anywhere that sells nail polish, I have to survey the goods. I'm weird, though. I do a speedwalk through the nail polish section- I can't really stand there and look because I'll end up making a purchase. Also, there hasn't been anything eye-catching in Duane Reade lately. Well... until the other day. I saw this Color Club green and I couldn't stop thinking about it! Since I was bad and broke my 40-sticker rule, I figured I might as well go all in and by it. That was the first purchase.

Today, I went to the doctor and had to get injections in my FACE! EEEK. It wasn't that bad, but I still deserve a treat. You see, every time I get poked with a needle (even if it's a finger prick) or any time I go to the gynecologist, I buy myself a treat. Sometimes it's ice cream, sometimes it's a Juicy necklace... whatever. Today I decided to get some polish. I looked in the BSS and spotted Essie Turquoise and Caicos- a color I've been lusting after- for $5.99! Then, I went to my nail salon and bought Essie Pretty Edgy. Unfortunately, I thought it was a brighter green- more along the lines of the Brucci I mentioned the other day. Fortunately, I already own a color similar to the Brucci I mentioned the other day, so that's that.

(L-R: Turquoise and Caicos, Pretty Edgy, Twiggie)

Twiggie is a little brighter than it's showing in the picture. It's almost like neon and mint had a baby.

These are the two Brucci polishes I posted about the other day. I wanted to take another picture of them because they didn't look that different in the other post. Here, you can see they're different.

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  1. I want that green! is that the new one we saw in the magazine today?