Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Yeah... the "experiment"

Well.... what had happened was...

I planned on wearing the Brucci color from last week with a different top coat to see how long that mani lasted. Before it was time to redo the mani, I learned about "wrapping" my nails. I couldn't wait to try it.

I decided I would test wrapping as my experiment. HOWEVER, I rushed through the mani + it was >90 degrees in my apt so the polish was super thick so the application was all off. THEN, since I was rushing and the polish was like glop, it was getting all over my fingertips. When I tried to remove the polish, I ended up taking it off of the tip of the nail- ruining the actual "wrap" ::smacks forehead just thinking about it::.

Oh, what's wrapping? Well, its when you swipe a bit of polish along the tips of the nails. Think of your nails in three parts: front (the part you polish), back (the underside) and top (the part you scratch with). When you wrap, you do a thinnnnn layer of polish along the top then polish the nail.

I promise that at some point I'll really take my time, wrap my nails and see how long they last.

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