Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Results

So after four days of wear (and tear) this is what my manicure looks like. EEEK!

I will say that I tore a huge chunk of polish off of the ring finger on my left hand. There was a chip in the actual nail, and I started picking it and pulled the polish off. I'm sure it wouldn't look that terrible had I not done that.

My right hand always looks destroyed by the end of the week. No big surprise here.

I learned a new technique the other day for making sure the tips of the nails get covered with polish and it supposedly prevents chipping (of this magnitude). I tried it before, but this will be a new-and-improved way of doing it. We shall see.

I really don't want to wear this pink polish again (2 weeks of the same color is beyond boring) but I'm doing it for the sake of the blog :)

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