Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sidenote Saturday: Homemade Soap

One pretty day in October, I was coming from Indian dance class with my friend and we ran into this little bazaar/farmer's market type thing. Very Brooklyn. Anyway, one of the vendors was Michelle - the creator of Lulu's Soap Co.

The table was covered with all types of scented chunks of soap. She had EVERY type of scent - really earthy ones that smelled like grass, super floral ones and even fun scents like Root Beer. All of the soaps were made by Michelle!

She also had special soaps made with brown sugar and some made with salt. I ended up choosing a fresh, ocean breeze-y soap with salt.

That soap made me feel SO clean. Unfortunately, a little too clean because it dried my skin like crazy! My skin gets dry in the winter so it wasn't my daily soap. I use it once a week, then follow up with a moisturizing body wash and I'm good to go.

I know it looks gross from the dried suds and whatnot, but look how much is left! I mean, obviously I don't use it every day but still. The bar I bought was $6 and was even bigger than this!

I wonder how long soap lasts. I mean, is this soap expired? Either way it smells really fresh so I could use it just for that.

I tried to find lulu's website, but it's gone. Her blog and myspace haven't been updated in a year so who knows where she is. I'll e-mail her and follow up!

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