Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Healthier Nails!

I don't know if its the jojoba/vitamin e combo OR the nail strengthener OR both or what, but my nails are starting to look semi-amazing! I have some pics of my nails with the oil on, and they make me drool. The ragged edges aren't the business, but still the smoothness is fantastic!

(I cropped this and saved it but it won't show up correctly)

I recently got a manicure and before she even put the base coat on, my nails were super smooth. I wanted to take a pic right then and there but A: I didn't have my camera because B: my camera battery was dead (I had to get a new charger from Amazon so that slowed me down). ALSO, my manicurist asked if I wanted my cuticles trimmed, then she looked and decided they didn't need it. What?! I was getting pro manis for the cuticle trimming alone, and now I don't even need it! It's the oils, I tell ya!

My new nail care routine has really helped my situation (that made me think of Diddy's ProActiv commercial)!

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