Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry it's been so long- I spent all of my computer time working on my final portfolio for school (yay!) and googling questions like "Is my puppy depressed?" and "Does my puppy hate me?". Now that that's all over, I've returned to my online home. Hopefully, you still care!

A few weeks ago (what a disgusting shame), I posted about this gorgeous ULTA Professionals color. I was planning on doing a 4-and-1 with it. Instead, I decided to play around with some matte/gloss action.

I applied Matte About You and got the most delicious chalky mermaid look. Then, I polished just the tippy tips with Seche Vite- just like I would if I was doing a French mani. That's what I'm attempting to show with these sorry pictures. I took them at like 7am before work because I knew I was getting my puppy that afternoon and there would be no turning back. So, they are what they are.

I have some more pics and stuff, so I'm ready to go back to regular posting! I'm so excited!

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