Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New additions to The Arsenal

If you've read any posts on this blog, I'm pretty sure you know that I have some problems with my nail polish (and even my nails) chipping and peeling like crazy. I was on the hunt for some products to help me with this issue.

I read about a base coat, CND Stickey, that's supposed to keep nail polish on for a reasonable amount of time.

(CND Stickey was $8.99 at Ricky's.)

Nail peeling can be caused by dryness. Using oils can supposedly give nails the nutrients that are removed when nails become dry. I read that the molecules in vitamin E are too big to penetrate the nail on their own, and that jojoba oil can't do vitamin E's job. Basically, you need to use them as a tag team (jojoba THEN vitamin E). I saw this bottle at Ricky's and decided I needed it. I have no idea what "14,000 I.U." means. Sorry.

I also purchased Ruby Kisses Nail Strengthener with garlic and vitamin E. There's really no reason behind it- I just thought it sounded good.

(Ruby Kisses Nail Strengthener was $1.99 at the local BSS)

Here's what I did: Thursday night, I filed my nails and tried my best to get rid of the ridges. I swiped jojoba oil on my nails. I waited a few minutes and wiped the excess off with cotton. Then, I applied the vitamin E, and left my nails alone for a while. Right before bed, I used the Ruby Kisses stuff. I should've taken pics because my nails looked SO nice at that point. The Ruby Kisses makes the nails smooth and shiny. Friday evening, I used CND as a base coat and polished my nails.

I'm still having problems with peeling. Someone (Stacie) mentioned something about humidity and peeling nails, so that could be it. We'll see.


  1. Someone may be right about humidity and peeling. My polish peeled a lot when I was on vacation in wonderful but humid Puerto Rico.

  2. PS: I.U. stands for "international units," I believe; I have seen it used as a measure for various vitamin products.

  3. Thanks, Marj! I'm going to look into it. I was too lazy to care but now I'm curious.Well, first "it" was referring to i.u. but now I want to know more about the relationship between humidity and nail polish.