Monday, August 2, 2010

Non-Matching Nails

My pedicures last WAY longer than my manis, so I don't feel the need to update them as frequently. Also, I can't ever get the polish to look as nice on my toes as it does when I get a pedi. For this reason, I pick a pedi color that can go with a lot of other colors in my collection. When I say "go with", I mean it in the Stacy London/Clinton Kelly/What Not to Wear sense. Whole outfits don't need to be matchy-matchy, they just need to look nice together. It's the same thing with manis and pedis.

Two weeks ago, I polished my toenails a bright orange (Essie Bright Tights- I think... the sticker is gone) and my nails matched. After a few days, I removed the Essie from my nails and replaced it with Color Club Explosive. Both are pretty bright, but Explosive is more yellow-y. Still, I think they look great together.

I apologize for the picture of my feet. They really aren't that bad in person.

Last week, I got a mani and pedi with some random neon pink from the nail salon. The manicure eventually chipped, and that's when I got the bright idea to do the gumdrop mani from the previous post. The pedi color was a true neon hot pink, but it's not translating that well in the pics. The Orly color is more red-orange pink than true pink, but still. I liked them together.

I noticed my friend Di had light purple toenails and dark purple nails the other night. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera.


  1. I really like the yellow/orange combination. Same here for toenail paint lasting way longer. I have never had toenail polish look as good and last as long as my current Essie Turquoise and Caicos. I am going for a light brown/blue-ish correspondence between my hands and feet. Fingernails have Deborah Lippmann (splurge at Bigelow's in the Village!) "No More Drama created with Mary J Blige" (!).

  2. PS No More Drama is a pretty, slightly frosty and bronze-y dark beige. I thought that given the price it might be longer lasting, but the tips are wearing pretty heavily and by tomorrow I will want to redo my fingernails.

  3. How long did the Deborah Lippmann polish last? I like some of her super glittery polishes (like Happy Birthday), but the prices are too much for me!

  4. It chipped within a couple of days -- boo! Not a good value for the price.